Friday, January 24, 2014


My husband Lee was just as crazy as I was!

I rarely blog about my non-writing life. Usually it doesn’t seem very exciting. But I make an exception for this entry.  Because, as the pictures prove, there I am running across the snow to jump in the Atlantic Ocean!


First, a little background. My mom Virginia Carson Kelley will be turning 90 in a month. Since her descendants live all over the country, we decided to gather on New Year’s weekend. We rented a house right on the shore in Stonington, Connecticut. We picked the house for its lovely views of the ocean. As we hoped, there were beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Watching the snowstorm from inside was wonderful. I felt as if I were sailing on a ship – only a lot warmer. But one of the main considerations in selecting this house would be that we could easily swim.

Why oh why oh why would anyone want to leave a warm house, dressed in only a swimming suit, and voluntarily jump in water so cold that chunks of ice are floating on its surface?

I had to. My brother did it first.  

In truth, the worst part was while I was still inside the house, looking out at the snow. As I ran across the snow, toward the water, I felt exhilarated. One thing about the cold, it doesn’t allow hesitation. As soon as I got near the water, I jumped in.

And out. I believe that I was so quick that the fibers of my swimming suit barely got wet.

But I did it. And I’m very glad I did.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Comments from my cat

Dear Two-Legged One---

There was a lot of commotion in my habitat.

Strangers came to visit. One used to live here permanently. Now she has been captured by something called "College." But why, after going to all the trouble of escaping, has she returned to it? Especially if, as she complains, there are no cats there. 

I haven’t written to you in a while. I’ve been hoping that some of the fuss about that parrot Zeno would die down. Alas, just the other day, a human named K T Horning wrote:

“Zeno is egotistical, entertaining, and poignant as he learns about the meaning of words he knew but never understood, like friend and home.”

I already know the meanings of those words. Home is where the cans are opened. Friends are those who pet me when I ask them. But only when I ask them.

I sense that you are beginning a brand new book. You have not been sitting at that contraption. You’ve been writing in a notebook. 

It's a time of great excitement. You have entered the woods. Your nose quivers. There are so many scents. Which trail should you pursue? Don't go after what others have discarded. Find your own prey. Remember to dig deep.

Happy hunting!