Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow hushes the city

Blackberry is wondering what happened to the world.

New York City has been transformed by snow.  This most recent precipitation clung to the branches. The snow turned everything it touched into a Winter Wonderland.
The change isn't just visual. All that white adds an abundance of light. It softens the harsh edges of the city. It hushes the sounds. The dogs are almost beside themselves with joy. The people smile.
It really is like magic.
Now I love to read books in which there are dragons and wizards. But the books I write aren't usually about creating brand new worlds. 
I like to find some kind of magic in this one.  Rainbows, meteors, people doing what they thought was impossible, birds finding their way home. 
 I like to make magic too. Storytelling can do that. 
So can listening to a friend or sharing a smile.

photo by L. M. Lucius