Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Special School Visit

Whenever I visit a school, I get so inspired. I love the questions I get asked. I love hearing about what the students are writing. I love how much they love reading.

The other day, I had a special treat. I have a friend who works at a school. After she noticed that some students were reading my book, The Girl Behind The Glass, she said, "Jane's my friend!" The teacher eagerly invited me to visit with the class.

I was happy to talk to a group of kids who had already read my book---especially that one, which has so many secrets. I didn't have to worry about spoiling anything for anyone. We could discuss the mystery of the narrator, and what had happened in that closet. I was especially glad to hear how pleased they were with the book's ending. My editor Shana Corey and I had worked hard to find just the right image for the end.

As I said good-bye to the students, three girls showed me this amazing poster that they had made. It's a cross section of that house on Hemlock Road. The girls included so many wonderful details. I was so impressed by how much thought they had put into their drawing.

By Erin, Esmee, and Eve

Thank you, Erin, Esmee, and Eve, for making this drawing. Thanks to everyone in the class for sharing your thoughts and your enthusiasm. 

It's such a joy to be able to share my books with you---and all my readers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Growing a character -- with sweat and tears

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Sweat and Tears