Thursday, January 14, 2016

Interview with Author Jane Kelley by Annabelle and Eva

Today I'm thrilled to be a guest on my own blog!

Annabelle and Eva interviewed me after I had the pleasure of speaking to over 250 third, fourth, and fifth graders at Golda Meir School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their questions were very challenging.

In late October, Eva and I went to meet author Jane Kelley when she came to our school for a book talk. We asked her a few questions about herself. Here is what she said.

Q:  What do you do when your books get rejected?
A:  I'm very upset at the results. Then, I take the thing they said about my book and use the comments to make the book better. I did that many times when one of my books got rejected 10 times!

Q:  Why do you like being an author?
A:  I like doing fun research, imagining things to put in my books. For example, African gray parrots that go around and talk.

Q:  How do you think writing affects others?
A:  I think it is a way to communicate with the reader through words. It especially communicates with my daughter who inspires my stories.

Q:  What is your least favorite part of writing a story?
A:  I don't like the middle section because you always get stuck thinking of new ideas. It is unlike the beginning and the end because you always know what's going to happen.

Interviewing Jane Kelley was a great experience. We hope you consider reading her magnificent books which are filled with amazing ideas and adventures.

Thank you, Annabelle and Eva!