Friday, June 29, 2012

a message from Blackberry

Dear Two-legged one,

Oh how you have betrayed me.

For years we have shared our morning rituals. First you give me my breakfast (which, by the way, is never enough). Then we watch the pigeons prancing along the roof across the street.

Recently I found out the real reason that you have been studying the particular way they bobble their heads as they walk. You are writing about them! In your new novel!  Which apparently is full of birds––including the hero, an African grey parrot named Zeno. If you can call a parrot a hero.

Why would you elevate an animal who isn’t a cat to such a lofty position? Just because he can talk your language? That is very arrogant––even for a human.

As a writer, you should be paying attention to all kinds of communication. Especially the non-verbal type. Isn’t that the real meaning of show don’t tell?

I can tell by your pacing that you are doing rewrites. You have been muttering that you can’t find the exact right ending for your novel. You need a final image that will resonate with the reader, long after she has shut the book.

I have a suggestion. Maybe your parrot should encounter a strong, wise, beautiful black cat.


Blackberry THE CAT

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