Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good-bye, Columbus!

Alas, I'm not that writer-in-residence at Thurber House anymore. 
It's wonderful to be back with my family and friends in Brooklyn, 
but I miss a lot about Columbus, Ohio. 

I learned so much from teaching the young writers.  

The teenage writers were so articulate and passionate about their work. 
They made me feel smarter just by talking with them.

The younger writers were so enthusiastic and creative
--even on days when they weren't wearing costumes!

I felt part of a great community of writers who had spent time in Columbus. 
I was honored to autograph the wall after my appearance 
at Cover to Cover, an amazing independent bookstore. 

The city itself was so beautiful. 
I loved being able to walk or ride my bike along the Scioto River. 

This Topiary Park was just a few blocks from Thurber's House. 
Seeing the familiar from a new perspective inspired me 
whenever I walked among these figures based on 
Seurat's painting of A Sunday on La Grande Jatte

I'm grateful to everyone at Thurber House 
for making me feel so welcome
 and always being willing to laugh with me. 
I miss everything about my month in Columbus.  

Did I mention the ice cream?

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