Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mau and The Book of Dares for Lost Friends

Dear Two-legged One,

You're welcome. I have successfully inspired you to create a cat who is a cat, and not a fluffy fashion accessory. Because of my insights, Mau will take her place among literature's other masterful cats, such as The Cheshire Cat, Crookshanks, and Mr. Mistoffelees.

Mau's book will be in stores on July 14. Then everyone can admire her wisdom and her grace. There are some human characters in the book too, for those who like reading about "middle-school cruelty, the heartache of abandonment, and the supple bonds of friendship."  (from Publishers Weekly) Of course, my favorite parts were when Mau was hunting for rats near the Obelisk in Central Park.

I believe that you will be giving a reading at 7 pm on July 16th at  Community Bookstore in Brooklyn. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. But I know that there is a cat in residence there, so all should go well.

I have arranged for 5 copies of Mau's book to be given away from Goodreads. LINK to the GOODREADS Giveaway  If you haven't joined that group of readers, you should. It's free and fun.

And so, dear Two-legged One, my work here is done. 



The Cat

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  1. Hey Blackberry--thanks for posting your letter to your fave "Two-legged One" a.k.a. Jane Kelley. It'd be gr8t to see you at Jane's reading on July 16 at the Community Bookstore. Just to let you know--I pictured you as the sleek, black cat Mau as I read Jane's FAB new book "The Book of Dares for Lost Friends"! U ROCK BLACKBERRY!!! always your fan, S.L. Buckley-Tow [Tow rhymes with WOW meOW!]