Friday, April 22, 2016

Eco Worrier ---- or Eco Warrior?

Happy Earth Day!

Forty-six years ago, my high school biology teacher Mr. Randall gave an impassioned speech about the need to save our planet. I remember being shocked that he departed from the lesson plans. Way back then, we were concerned about DDT and oil spills. But I don't remember feeling like I should do anything; I was just a teenager. In those days, we weren't even being asked to recycle.

Now we are all aware that the climate is changing. Temperatures are increasing. There are deep droughts in many parts of the world and floods in others. There is more wind––and I don't just mean people's speeches! I feel it, when I fly in a jet, when I sit in my living room, and especially when I stand on the beach.

Today 175 leaders from countries all around the world are signing the Paris Agreement on climate change. That is an amazing and necessary step. The problems are so complex that we need everyone to work toward implementing solutions. We need to think globally and act locally.

But what does that mean in real terms? We need to be aware that we share this planet. What happens in Las Vegas doesn't stay in Las Vegas. What happens in any corner of the world will effect us all––eventually. That last word is really the problem. We don't know exactly when or how. We can only imagine.

I'm pretty good at imagining. For the past decade, I've been an Eco-worrier. I didn't think that people were doing enough. Then I realized that I was worrying because I knew I wasn't doing enough. Yes, I was following the three R's -- reduce, re-use, recycle. But I could do more. I want to do more. And so today I begin.

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